Does a mobile personal trainer cost more?

When speaking of personal trainer Melbourne and mobile personal trainers, there are a lot of factors which people tend to ignore when choosing for one. The main factor which affects people’s decision on getting a mobile personal trainer instead of a let’s say, traditional one is the “high price”.

While both kinds of personal trainers are pricey and their per hour rates do depend on a few factors on its own, you may want to consider the fact that a mobile personal trainer in Melbourne will provide you with all the necessary equipment that you may need to get a good exercise.

Negating the cost of equipment, overall makes for a much less expensive session, especially if you are working out with them for a few hours a day every day.

The price ranges anywhere from $30 an hour all the way to $120 an hour or more. Sometimes, your trainer may even have a monthly payment program too, which you may want to consider.

At the end of the day, your personal trainer will help you achieve your exercise needs in a professional and controlled program helping you get healthy and much fitter.