No1 Personal Trainer in Birmingham:

Tailored personal training  plans to
help YOU reach YOUR goals

Whether you want to transform your body for something special, improve your fitness for a challenge, lose weight
or just want a better quality of health, we will provide you with the expertise to help you reach your goal.

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What Fitness Goals Can We Help You With?

Lose Weight Birmingham

I Want to Lose Some Weight

Need help to lose weight loss? Don't worry, you're not alone. We ca nhelp you with a specifically tailored fitness program, just for you. Your journey back to your ideal weight will not only be fun, and entertaining, but deliver the results you want.

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Complete a Challenge

Planning a charity fun run, a sponsored walk, or some other challenge that you might need to be a little fitter for? We can help. You're probably fitter than you think, and with a little personal training, you could be ready to complete the challenge with ease.

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I Want to Get into Shape

A lot of our clients start talking to us by saying "I want to get into shape". Lots of people over time become a little more seditary, and that can lead to expanding waitlines, and a reduction in fitness. A Personal Trainer can help get you back on track!


We don't just train you; we build a Rock-solid foundation to your health & lifestyle.

We have over 16 years of experience and has helped hundreds of people just like you to achieve their goals, whether it be getting back into shape or losing weight, resuming training after an injury to completing a triathlon, or achieving a life long challenge.

All programmes are tailor-made to suit your fitness level, goals, and circumstances. We cover the entire Birmingham, and the surrounding areas, in locations that are convenient for you, whether it be at home or a local park.

Personal training is a very personal thing and what works for one person won't always work for someone else. During the initial consultation we will learn about you; what your goals are, what has stopped you from achieving your goals, and what it will take to get you to achieve your goals.

​Achieve Your Goals!

Whether you want to transform your body for something special, improve your fitness for a challenge, lose weight or just want a better quality of health, we will provide you with the expertise to help you reach your goal.

Why You should train with us

  We will deliver the sessions in a relaxed and friendly style, which gives you the encouragement that you need to push harder and achieve more. I will make it easier for you, whether it be training you near or at your home, at a time that works for you and tailoring the sessions to fit your goals while making them motivating and fun.

Home Based Training

Most of all it is about getting results, by establishing a training programme that you will enjoy and understand what actually motivates you to push just that much more, I will put everything into place to make sure that you will achieve your goals.

Most of the people that I train have tried gym based programmes before which have not worked for them. They often find the gym very intimidating, demotivating, and inconvenient. Training from home is a great alternative. You do not have to travel, you will be in an environment that you feel comfortable in, which means that you are able to train more effectively.

For some, an indoor programme is ideal, privacy increased confidence and comfort. It is as convenient as you could wish for and training in all types of weather is not for everyone.

Although, training outside in the fresh air really does appeal to many of my clients, so using the local park for sessions is also a great option. When you are in Sutton Coldfield, the benefit of having Sutton Park on your doorstep will provide a great training ground.

Whether you have chosen to train outdoors or indoors, or perhaps a combination of both, I will travel to you and bring the needed equipment that is needed. Everything will be taken care of, so there cannot be any more excuses.

If you are wondering what a personal trainer in Birmingham is all about, take a quick peek at the "Is it for me" section to help you to make your choice or you can click on the "Testimonials" to see what my clients have to say about the services that I provide.

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Whatever your reason for wanting a personal trainer, we will supply the right level of expertise, motivation, variation and to suit your goals. People decide to use a personal trainer for many, many different reasons, BUT, it usually falls within one of these four categories; Expert Guidance, Motivation, a Varied Training program or they ultimately need the extra push to Achieve your goals